Kick-Off Friday

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Erica and I don't talk much about our day jobs; but Erica manages employer relations for a university and I work as an engineer. Unfortunately crafting, decorating and shopping don't provide us a living {wouldn't that be fun, though? When I grow up I want to be a professional shopper, ha!!}.
Through the university where Erica works, she has some great opportunities to grow as an individual and in her career; but these activities are seriously time-consuming. So, just like in our Making Simple Goals series, she's got to prioritize.

So, I'll be bringing you Kick-Off Friday; and I hope that I can do her round-ups justice :)

Today's round-up is featuring crafts that you can complete with your kids over this long holiday weekend. Plus, most of these projects can be completed with items that you have on hand!

4th of july crafts for kids // easy to complete and most items you probably have on hand!

 #1 Your kids can make these stars without getting their hands messy. Yes, that is hard to believe -- find out how at The Pleasantest Thing.

#2  Crafty Morning shows us how to make these fireworks with a few items from the kitchen.

#3 My son is obsessed with pipe cleaners, so he would be a big fan of this t-shirt project from Keeping it Simple.

#4 Create cherished memories and wall art over at Ser.En.Dip.Ity with this fun take on the American Flag.

#5 Make Paper Firecrackers for the kiddos to play with all afternoon.

Happy 4th of July! See you next week.

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#DeckTheWalls, New Prints & the Giveaway Winner

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Happy Thursday! It's almost the {3 Day!} weekend. Just wanted to update you on a few things...


Today I'm over at Remodelaholic sharing my DIY Map Wall. Remodelaholic has been doing a series called #DeckTheWalls. So, if you've got some blank walls in your home, go check it out! There have been some incredible ideas, along with some great free printables.

New Prints

New prints are in the shop. Here is a peek and then head over to the shop to see the rest.

Baby Monogram & Birth Date, 30 Color Choices
Kentucky Print in Chalkboard & Floral
James 1:12 in Chalkboard

Giveaway Winner

Congrats to Vanessa M; winner of the July Print Set! Thanks so much to everyone for participating. Keep an eye out for the August Print Set giveaway, which will go live near the end of this month. Also -- if you loved one of the prints and didn't win -- they are each available as printable files in the shop for $5 each.

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Main Level Bath // Updates

Craftivity Designs | 29 June 2015 | 6 Comments so far
Last summer, we bought a marble vanity top for our upstairs bathroom. Since marble comes in a slab, we went ahead and replaced the vanity in our main level bath, too. It was cheaper to do both at the same time than it would have been to replace them separately.

Even though the marble vanity top has been in place since last summer, we've just got back to working on the space. Today, I want to share a little more about our plans for the room.

Like most of the other rooms in this house, we had to remove some wallpaper. The wallpaper in this room was applied directly to un-primed drywall {in other words... A COMPLETE NIGHTMARE TO REMOVE}. The walls were pretty dinged up and we still may do some more work on them. If you are fighting wallpaper and need some drywall repair tips, head over to this post.

We painted the walls in Delicate White by Porter Paint, which is the same color that is in our upstairs bath.

In the upstairs bathroom we got a new vanity and counter; but we are using the existing vanity in the main floor bath. It has received quite the transformation over the last couple weeks {we shared a peek of the progress on our facebook page}.

The following photo pretty much sums up the direction we are going...

... or to put it this way:

The forecast for this week is only showing highs in the mid-80s {hal-le-lu-jah!}. The bath has been my project when it is too hot to be outside, so I don't see much more happening right away. Plus, I still haven't made a final decision about those dinged up walls.

Do you consider mid-80s hot or comfortable? After weeks in the 90s, a high of 75 over the weekend almost had a chill in the air.

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Patriotic Print Set // July Giveaway

Craftivity Designs | 25 June 2015 | 2 Comments so far
Summer Break is almost 1/3 of the way over -- what?! June went by so quickly.

We'd like to start giving away some fun prints each month; and this will be the first set. The winner will receive 3 8x10s from our Etsy Shop. We'll have them professionally printed and shipped.

Star Spangled Banner and Stripes
Silver Stars
Patriotic Pinwheel
I really like that these "patriotic" prints aren't the standard red, white and blue color scheme. You might know that I'm not really a red girl. The navy stripes could match practically any room in our home without screaming the 4th of July.

I think you could use these three prints as a holiday themed set -- or use them individually throughout your home. The stars might be sweet in a baby's nursery and the pinwheel might be cute hung out on a covered porch {pinwheels just feel summery!}.

Enter via the Rafflecopter Widget below. If you are reading this post as an email, you may need to click through to our site in order to view the widget.

Good luck!

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. We have announced the winner and contacted them via email. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Faux Bamboo Blinds // A Semi DIY

Lora | 23 June 2015 | 2 Comments so far
I have loved the look of bamboo shades paired with white curtains for several years. I would have done this Semi-DIY Faux Bamboo Shade in our last home -- but I knew we were moving. When we bought this house, it already had beautiful, high quality, wood blinds throughout the first floor {a nice bonus!}. The upstairs, however, didn't offer as much in the window department.

A simple, "semi"-DIY window treatment. Add layer and texture with bamboo blinds, without spending a lot of money! // Craftivity Designs

Amazon affiliate links included in this post.

The windows upstairs are short. This is good for furniture placement, because you don't have to worry about blocking windows. It is also good for privacy, because it would be quite difficult for anyone to see into our second floor due to the high placed windows -- with or without curtains and blinds.

However, it's not so great for design. The little windows look short and squatty.

My remedy for this is long curtains that are hung high and wide to give the illusion of a larger window. When you hang curtains high, you are left with an empty space between the rod and the window:

A simple, "semi"-DIY window treatment. Add layer and texture with bamboo blinds, without spending a lot of money! // Craftivity Designs

Just the perfect spot to finally install those bamboo shades I've been eyeing, right?

A simple, "semi"-DIY window treatment. Add layer and texture with bamboo blinds, without spending a lot of money! // Craftivity Designs

The exciting thing is that this is actually a pretty affordable combination -- which was important, because we have three windows to outfit in our master bedroom.

Our Supplies:

  • double curtain rods in brass {we purchased these from Amazon}
  • white RITVA curtain panels {we bought them from Amazon; but -- if you've got an IKEA nearby -- they are cheaper in the store}
  • ONE long bamboo shade {Style Selections brand from Lowes}
  • glue gun and hot glue 
  • scissors
  • small cable ties {we keep an assorted set like this on hand}
I chose the RITVA Curtains from IKEA because they have a texture in the weave that feels higher quality than some of the other white IKEA curtains.

A simple, "semi"-DIY window treatment. Add layer and texture with bamboo blinds, without spending a lot of money! // Craftivity Designs

When you pair that soft white weave with the bamboo shades, it adds a lot of texture and depth to the room. We used two panels to flank the outside edge of the windows on each side of our headboard.

The bamboo shades are -- as described in the post title -- faux. They aren't functional. Of course, you could simply buy three shades for three windows and hang them as-is; but we were looking to save some $$$!

Also, bamboo shades aren't room darkening. With this design you can still hang a basic room darkening shade inside the window and it won't be visible during the day; because it is hidden behind the much prettier bamboo shade. Just pull it down at night!

A simple, "semi"-DIY window treatment. Add layer and texture with bamboo blinds, without spending a lot of money! // Craftivity Designs

So.... lay your bamboo shade out flat. We chose a 6 foot long shade so that we could create approximate 2 foot sections for each of our 3 windows. 

Before you begin cutting, determine which slats will be the top/bottom of each of your faux shades. You'll want to add a dab of hot glue on the cording of that slat to hold everything in place.

There will need to be some excess slats so that you have some excess cord. In the photo above it is the slats between the hot glued row and the white circle... so 4 slats excess.

Use your scissors and start snipping the cord at least 4 slats below the hot glued slat.

Pull out the excess slats and knot each set of cording. 

You'll need to repeat this for the bottom and top of each faux shade {except for the bottom of the real bamboo shade -- don't cut that one since it has a pre-made edge!!}.

Wrap the top of your faux shade around the curtain rod to determine how large of a loop you need. Then, take cable ties and slide them through the cording on two slats. In my case, I used the second slat from the top and eighth slat from the top. In other words, it took eight slats to wrap the rod loosely.
Once everything is in place, you may want to add some additional hot glue to the cording on the top 2-3 slats {I chose to do this as a "backup" to my little knots -- especially since the cable tie attached to the cording is where the weight is anchored}.

Pull each wire tie tighter {not snug to the rod, though, so you can still pull it in and out}. Snip the end of the cable tie if it might show from behind your shade.

A simple, "semi"-DIY window treatment. Add layer and texture with bamboo blinds, without spending a lot of money! // Craftivity Designs

Now, before hanging, you'll want to give the shade some weight at the bottom. We'll use the excess slats for this purpose.

Move to your bottom slat; add some hot glue to the second slat from the bottom; and then fold the bottom slat back so that the glue isn't visible.

Now, add some more slats with hot glue. It will cover up the excess cording while also weighing the shade down. I covered the bottom 3 slats, twice.

This gives the shade a finished look and will keep it hanging straight.

A simple, "semi"-DIY window treatment. Add layer and texture with bamboo blinds, without spending a lot of money! // Craftivity Designs

I love, love, love the added layer of texture they give the room... and for a pretty reasonable price.

A simple, "semi"-DIY window treatment. Add layer and texture with bamboo blinds, without spending a lot of money! // Craftivity Designs

Next on our bedroom to-do list: night stands and wardrobes. What's on your to do list?

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Kick-Off Friday

Craftivity Designs | 19 June 2015 | Be the first to comment
Happy Friday everyone!  This week's project collection is filled with colorful projects to help you stay organized and even stay fashionable!

1. Add some color to your home with this adorable DIY gold foil tray. Visit The Casual Craftlete to see more pictures and the steps for how you can make your own.

2. Spend time this weekend organizing with your own DIY painted wood containers.  Go here to see how Karen from A House Full of Sunshine used painter's tape to create designs and stripes to give the containers a unique look!

3. Give new life to an old bracelet with glue and fabric scraps-check out Sum of Their Stories to see how you can complete this quick project and add a bit of summer to your jewelry collection!

4. Hosting a party this weekend? Need a quick centerpiece? Forget the usual candles and try this upcycled planter made from a fruit basket! Check out all the details and pictures here.

That's all for this week! I hope you'll take some time this weekend to be creative and complete your own projects.  As always, we'd love to hear from you! Share your project ideas and comments below or on our Facebook page.  Have a wonderful weekend!

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DIY Reflective Mailbox Numbers // A Simple Tip

Craftivity Designs | 15 June 2015 | 4 Comments so far
Sometimes, DIY is all about solving problems. Our mailbox sits right at the top of a hill, after a curve. We've lived here a little over a year, and it has already been hit once.

Amazon Affiliate links included in this post.

After it got hit, we invested in a sturdier mailbox and post. Once we spent the money, we wanted to do what we could to prevent it from happening again.


cutting board
craft knife {I use this one}
straight edge
small round objects

I bought some reflective tape from Amazon to cut into numbers. This set included 8 sheets for $7 -- which left additional 2"x4" recflectors to use on the post, also.

If you have a Cricut or similar device, you could just cut the numbers out using that machine {I do actually have a Cricut; but for the purpose of this post I wanted to give the utility knife a try}.

Depending on what numbers you need, use a combination of your straight edge and round items. For example, for the 8, I used a Silly String Can for the outer circle and and Spool of Thread for the inner circle. The top of the 9 was cut in the same way and I used the straight edge for the base of it.

The reflectors aren't the prettiest things in the world; but they should catch a driver's attention as they round that curve towards our mailbox. For both our address and the reflectors, I felt like this method was pretty cost effective; but Amazon also sells some pre-made reflective numbers, too.

By the way, I really like the mailbox that Mike chose.

It has a classic feel and was pretty comparably priced. If you are interested, here is the one we bought {however -- I'm not sure if the color was bronze or not -- we found it at a local hardware store and I don't have the box anymore}:

Also -- it is so hot here today that just taking these photos had me sweating. How is the weather where you are?

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Mason Jar Glitter Globe // Crafting with Kids

Craftivity Designs | 10 June 2015 | Be the first to comment
There is this cute little show called Creative Galaxy available through Amazon Prime and it has gotten my 4-year-old son so excited about crafts. The show follows a little alien, named Arty, as he solves problems with arts and crafts. It's like a DIY mom's dream, right?! Anyway -- one of my favorite projects {inspired by the show} was our Glitter Globe.

**Affiliate links used in this post.

Glitter Gobe, like a Snow Globe, but use up your craft stash! // Crafting with kids -- inspired by Creative Galaxy // by Craftivity Designs

In this episode, Arty saves the day by creating a snow globe for Baby Georgia. She's been sad because Arty made her a snowman outside; but they couldn't bring it inside. With her snow globe, she can enjoy the snowman year-round, inside and out!

After Arty learns how to make a snow globe by visiting one of the planets in the Creative Galaxy; real kids make snow globes of their own. Each Creative Galaxy episode ends with real kids making a real-life version of Arty's art or craft. This is what really gets my little boy excited because he realizes he can make it, too!

Glitter Gobe, like a Snow Globe, but use up your craft stash! // Crafting with kids -- inspired by Creative Galaxy // by Craftivity Designs

Since it's been 80-90 degrees here lately, we decided to make a Glitter Globe instead of a Snow Globe. We started by raiding my craft stash and choosing items that would do fine in water -- sequins, glitter, felt flowers, faux stones, etc.

Glitter Gobe, like a Snow Globe, but use up your craft stash! // Crafting with kids -- inspired by Creative Galaxy // by Craftivity Designs

He hand picked his favorite items and then placed them in a mason jar. I added the water and screwed on the lid really tight, just like the kids emphasize on the TV show.

Then, all you have to do is shake...

Glitter Gobe, like a Snow Globe, but use up your craft stash! // Crafting with kids -- inspired by Creative Galaxy // by Craftivity Designs

...and enjoy the pretty colors!

We only started watching Creative Galaxy because we dropped Cable TV and starting utilizing our Amazon Prime account. We have had Prime for years; but only utilized the Free 2-Day Shipping and not the TV/Music choices. Once we cut Cable, we started depending on Prime for our TV choices.

There are tons of kids' shows available; but Creative Galaxy {along with a few others} is created by Amazon and only available via Prime. If you aren't already a member, you can sign up for a 30-day free trial and give it a test run.

If you are already a member -- and have kiddos -- you should definitely check out Creative Galaxy, especially if you'd like to get your child excited about art. 

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