No-Sew Chair Back Covers

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Flanking each side of our dining room buffet are upholstered linen chairs.

I had a pillow on each one; but they felt too big for the depth of the chair. Pillows still aren't out of the question; but I'd have to find some small ones. In either case, I thought something draped over the chair back would make a nice impact, without taking any space from the seat.

I used the same product that I used for my No-Sew Window Shade. {**all Amazon links are affiliate links}

The fabric is an upholstery remnant I picked up at Hancock Fabrics. I always check their remnant bin - specifically for upholstery fabrics. Many times there is nothing of interest; but sometimes you can find steals on a beauty like this fabric.

Since I just shared the tutorial for using Heat-n-Bond on the shade recently {click here to see it}, I'll skip step-by-step details and just give you a few photos of the process and finished product.

iron the tape // peel of the paper packing // fold over and iron // repeat for each side // enjoy!
If I find some little pillows to add eventually, that's great. If not, I'm really pleased with how this end of the dining room is coming together. The pillows would just be a bonus!

Now to do some more work on the other end... we're moving our dining cabinet in and have a fireplace to paint, so there is still plenty more to do!

Could you use a chair back cover? If you've got some pretty, but plain, chairs -- this is a simple solution! Have you ever used a no-sew hem tape before? What has your experience been?

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Kick-Off Friday

Craftivity Designs | August 29, 2014 | 1 Comment so far
Happy Friday everyone!  Ready to see this week's set of creative projects?  Here we go!

1. Do you have 10 minutes to be creative this weekend?  If so check out this post to see how you can make your own colorful marbled tray!

2. I love IKEA Hacks and this one from Everyday Enchanting is awesome!  Go here to see the great before and after!

3. Bring a bit of summer inside your home this weekend with a DIY 3-tiered hanging planter. I love how the teal blue yarn looks against the white planters!  Go here to see the step by step details.

4. I'm definitely a coffee lover so of course I had to share this great wooden coffee sign from Beyond the Picket Fence.  See more pictures here.

What creative things will you be doing this weekend? Share in the comments below!

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Working with a Chair Upholstered in a Print

Craftivity Designs | August 27, 2014 | Be the first to comment
from top right, clockwise: via pinterest // Southern Living // via Home & Garden // House Beautiful

There is a vintage consignment shop in Lexington, called Street Scene. For the longest time I'd crush on this re-upholstered vintage plaid chair each time I'd visit the store {it looks royal blue in this photo, but it read more like a navy or muted blue in person}.  I never forked over the cash -- for several reasons:
  1. Moving was in our plans, so it wasn't practical to invest in new furniture.
  2. I usually play it safe with furniture -- neutral color palettes and patterns.
  3. It is intimidating {for me, anyway!} to decorate around such a bold piece.
Honestly, as much as #1 played a part of my decision-making, reasons #2 and #3 were the bigger obstacles.

Country Living
I'm guessing I'm not the only one with this dilemma. Either you've invested in a chair with a bold print and gotten stuck when it came to decorating around it -- or you've skipped buying such a chair in the first place even though you loved the fabric.

Dimples and Tangles via Good Housekeeping

Recently, Chairish, asked if we'd be interesting in creating a mood board around one of their vintage chairs. They have a wide selection of accent chairs available; but when I saw this barrel chair I knew it was an opportunity to decorate around a chair upholstered in a print.

Turquoise Tufted Barrel Chair

Just like the plaid chair at Street Scene, this one is vintage too. That is the cool thing about Chairish. Even though it's an online site, the products have all been previously owned and they have an incredible vintage selection. Many of the products have been refinished or reupholstered, like this barrel chair, with a nice modern fabric. Plus, since these are individual sellers, you can choose to "buy now" or "make an offer" -- just like any vintage shop!

working with a patterned chair

The most obvious way to work with a patterned chair is to balance the bold fabric with neutrals and basic pieces. However, I didn't want this to feel boring, so even though the surrounding pieces are neutral and solid in color, they still have a lot of texture. I also tried to stay true to my style by mixing affordable, new pieces with other unique, vintage pieces. Here is what I chose

Affordable and New

Jute Area Rug -- buy it on Amazon here starting at $90 for a 5'x8'
Hand Knitted Grey Pouf -- buy it on Amazon here for $60
Table Lamp in Varied Grey Tones -- buy it on Amazon here, a set of 2 lamps for $107
White Woven Storage Basket -- buy it on Amazon here for $69
Ikea White Curtains -- buy them on Amazon here for $20
*amazon links are affiliate links

Unique and Vintage

Mid-Century Side Table -- buy it on Chairish here
Original Art "Visible Sound" -- buy it on Chairish here

working with a patterned chair

This second option is much bolder; but I wanted to make this chair versatile. What if I didn't always want it in a neutral room? Could it work in a bold room? I think this mood board shows that yes, it can work! Even though these pieces have plenty of texture, pattern and color, they fall within a simple color palette: greens, blues, and shades of beige to brown. Here is what I chose:

Affordable and New

Oriental Turkish Style Rug -- buy it on Amazon here starting at $56 for a 4'x6'
Woven Foot Stool -- buy it on Amazon here for $75
Navy Table Lamp -- buy it on Amazon here, a set of 2 lamps for $179
Decorative Mirror -- buy it on Amazon here for $26
Rattan Charger as Wall Decor -- buy it on Amazon here for $16
Ikea White Curtains -- buy them on Amazon here for $20
*amazon links are affiliate links 

Unique and Vintage

Mid-Century Side Table -- buy it on Chairish here
Mid-Century Magazine Rack -- buy it on Chairish here 
Vintage Pineapple Art -- buy it on Chairish here

So do you own a chair in a print? How did you decorate around it? If you don't own one, which way would you work with it -- pump up the pattern or balance the pattern?

Chairish did not sponsor this post or provide us a product to review. However, they may share it via their social media avenues. We were already familiar with the Chairish brand and were happy to use their products as inspiration in our mood boards. We love to buy vintage items, and Chairish provides us that opportunity online! As always, all opinions are our own.

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A Simple Tip // Burlap Matted Frame

Craftivity Designs | August 25, 2014 | 6 Comments so far
"Smoky Black & White Paint" // Order this print HERE
A long, long time ago... when this blog was only about a month old... I shared 3 prints that were hanging in my kitchen during the holidays.

The mats are covered in burlap and actually hung in the kitchen throughout the year -- just not with the "Oh Deer" prints.

I created some printable art for our bathroo renovation and had been trying to find some inexpensive matted frames since early this summer with no luck. These are the times I wish Ikea was much closer :(

While searching through some frames for the entryway, it occurred to me that these were just what I needed {oh, and they actually are originally from Ikea, ha}.

 Gather these Supplies


Since I completed this project several years ago, there aren't any photos of the process. However, these graphics will hopefully help!

How To

Step 1: Apply mod podge to the face of the mat and then lay it face-down on the burlap fabric to adhere.

Step 2: Cut the burlap along the black lines, leaving approximately 1" additional burlap on the inside and outside of the mat.

It should look like this after step 2 {obviously, you won't actually have black lines!}.

Step 3: Slit each corner of the burlap on the inside and outside of the mat. Do NOT cut past the mat's edge. Each slit is noted with a black line in the image below.

Step 4: Fold back each 1" edge of the burlap and adhere it with mod podge to the back of the mat. Flip it over to see your finished product!

Such an easy project; but it really adds so much detail to a framed print.

"So Fresh & So Clean" // Order this print HERE

I really like a burlap mat with these black and white prints.

"Smoky Black & White Paint" // Order this print HERE

By the way, the artwork shown in the last two photos are available for purchase in our Etsy Shop. They are digital downloads, which means that as soon as the payment process, you'll receive the digital files. You can print them at home, or have them printed somewhere like Walgreens or Fedex.

Have you covered a mat before? Burlap {or any other fabric} would be a great way to "fix" an ugly mat or amp up a piece of art you already own.

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A No-Sew $4 Window Shade

Craftivity Designs | August 20, 2014 | 2 Comments so far

We've got a small window in our bathroom. I love the light it provides; but I've been kind of puzzled as to how to finish it off. It seems silly to cover much of it {due to the light} and it doesn't need to be functional since the glass is frosted.

While shopping at Home Goods one day, I came across a set of four striped black and white place-mats for $8. At the time, I didn't have the window's measurements with me; but I was pretty confident I'd only need one or two of the mats to create a simple window shade. The black and white fit the bathroom design plan and I always love stripes.

I don't own a sewing machine, so I decided to try a product called Heat-n-Bond {**all amazon links are affiliate links} that I've heard bloggers rave about for no-sew projects. Sorry about the grainy phone photos -- this was a nap time project and I didn't fool with grabbing the camera.

Ironing Board
Place-mats {I used two}
Curtain Rod

Step #1: Align the place-mats so that the fabric pattern matches.

Step #2: Place a strip of the Heat-n-Bond along the underside edge of the place-mat. Tear it off at the appropriate length.

Step #3: Iron the Heat-n-Bond in place, causing the glue/adhesive to attach to the fabric.

Step #4: Peel off the paper backing, revealing just the glue/adhesive on the fabric.

Step #5: Press the two place-mats together at this seam and iron until they are fully attached.

Step #6: Determine the size of the curtain rod pocket along the top of the shade.

Step #7: Complete steps 1-5 again, to hem the curtain rod pocket.

Step #8: Slide the curtain rod into the pocket.

Since I completed this window shade, I've used the Heat-n-Bond product for another project as well. The instructions will tell you what temperature to set the iron at, and how long to press the adhesive. I found myself pressing a little extra sometimes; but besides that, it was was very easy to use.

I've got two place-mats left {so, this was a $4 shade -- half of the $8 set!} which will go with my other dining table accessories. I love to mix-n-match a tablescape, so these bold black and white stripes will be a nice addition!!

Now, a question for you. I really like this little black and white striped shade; but can't decide if it is best for the bathroom. Maybe it's too bold? Does it feel like a circus tent with the elephant painting?

My other option would be a basic bamboo shade, like this Photoshop version:

 What do you think?? I welcome your honest opinions!

You can vote for one of the two options below and I'd love it if you would! If you are reading this in an email, you may have to open this post in a browser first here.

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